Last night, Riccardo Tisci met North West, and Kim Kardashian shared a photo of the two superstars chillin' via Instagram. Tisci has already custom created some adorable mini-Givenchy for Kanye West and Kim K's baby, but this is the first documented meeting of the designer and the world's most famous baby. So besides North West most likely spitting up baby food on Tisci's shirt, here's the conversation that possibly went down between North and, according to Kim, her "#NewStylist."

RT: "Hello, my favorite little Rottweiler pup!"

NW: *Laughs*

RT: "I'm canceling my Craigslist post for a new muse. RIGHT. NOW."

NW: *Cries*

RT: "You've gotten so big. You're almost sample size!"

NW: *Burps*

RT: "Beige onesie. Sexy."

NW: *Silence*

RT: "Your leather diaper is still in production, but should be here next week."

NW: *Looks away*

RT: "You mad? Why aren't you wearing Givenchy?"

NW: *Giggles*

RT: "I can't stay angry with you. Your diet is working miracles. What's your secret?"

NW: *Burps*

RT: "Wonderful, I'll tell Carine."

NW: *Puts on look of blasé detachment, already weary of celebrity culture and its unwavering spotlight, the novelty of it all having worn off weeks ago*

RT: "What do you think of Nicolas Ghesquière going to Louis Vuitton? 

NW: *Blows spit bubble*

RT: "I know, right?"