At a certain point, one graduates from hack and slash activities at the arcade to more refined endeavors. Grease stained sweatshirts are traded for tailored jackets. Twiddling knobs are replaced by trying to twiddle ladies. The base narrative of the average video game begins to make sense: Bouncing through a bunch of bozos to land a pretty girl is actually life.

Hailing from London, Golden Axe (named after a particularly good Sega Genesis game) balances youthful exuberance with mature silhouettes. Each garment (your pick of traditional or shawl) is made of top-class cashmere with lamb leather elbow patches. Half the colors are safe—navy or black—and the others, a racing green and bold burgundy, better for peacocking. Each piece is hand numbered in an edition never larger than 50. Rarity and tailoring combine as a confidence boost. Together, the two attributes are a weapon against status quo bros and an aphrodisiac for women with alluring foreign accents (or Southern ones).