M.I.A. sat down with Peter Rosenberg, DJ Cypha Sounds, and Laura Stylez of Hot97's Morning Show to for a long interview that touched on a multitude of subjects, including the collection she worked on with Versus Versace. The original explanation of the idea behind the collection is that it's inspired by the bootleg Versace that proliferates around the world. While initially confusing at first, M.I.A. explains how this came about. 

As an avid fan of the label when it was connected to hip-hop and the club scene in the '90s, M.I.A. thought that Versace's return to luxury was boring. When Donatella Versace offered her the chance to work together, she immediately knew that she "want[ed] to attach it back to the streets."

In order to showcase the direction that she wanted to head in, M.I.A. literally brought bootleg Versace pieces to the Versace offices. She also made the claim that some of the boogleg gear is better than the actual thing. Bold words from an artist who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Peep the full video above, with the Versace bit starting at 10:18.

[via Hot97]