As 3D printers become more affordable, they become more a part of the mainstream. Autodesk, an American based software company that focuses on 3D design software for applications in fields like engineering and architecture, has created a suite of user-friendly applications to aid in constructing models for 3D printing. The applications were announced under the 123D banner, and they are browser friendly and free for smartphone users. Intrigued, Dazed Digital invited London-based sculptor Lawrence Lek to create his own design to print in 3D.

Lek opted for the 123D Catch app, whose function is to stitch digital photos together to create one 3D image. Lek’s work is often at the intesection of the physical and digital worlds, and his creations include “immersive environments, hybrid objects, and prosthetic architecture.” Using Catch, Lek designed KI$$, a 3D representation of him and his partner sharing an intimate moment. The project was an experiment to see if 3D self-portraits do justice to displays of emotion.

He says, “I wanted to capture the most intimate of moments with the most artificial technology.” In order to capture the image, Lek and his partner had to take turns holding still while the other moved around taking panoramic photo shots for 123D Catch to composite into one 3D object. KI$$ captures the moment the lovers lock lips in sleek white plastic.

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[via DazedDigital