It’s a piece of news that’s equivalent to a soccer announcer pulling off an epic “Goal” scream: London's Aresenal Football Club will now be suited by Lanvin, as per the request of team coach Arsène Wenger. Wenger decided to bring back the old tradition of wearing wearing team suits in the name of team spirit, reports the Telegraph

Apparently, players of the Arsenal Football Club were custom fitted in Lanvin’s shop located in London’s famed Saville Row. Each of them received a navy suit with a proper slim cut made from Italian wool. Of course, said suit also displays the club's official crest on the lapel. 

"What they needed was something elegant and dignified but which lets them move and not feel at all restricted," Lanvin's menswear designer, Lucas Ossendrijver, said about his designs. "So we have made the suit as light as possible and given it a soft shoulder."

Ossendrijver admitted that he is unsure as to why coach Wenger choice him because he says he isn't "really a sport person", but he said his work is often inspired by it.

The team took a photo after receiving their suits, and the photo looks more like the most stylish class picture ever, not really an image of a renowned soccer team.

Other European sports teams have been outfitted by some of the top fashion houses in the world. Real Madrid received outfits courtesy of Versace and AC Milan was dressed by Dolce & Gabanna. When will the NFL and NBA catch on? 

The suits will be officially unveiled at Arenal's game on Saturday when they face Southhampton.