There’s something magical about the holistic approach the Japanese employ when designing. Combining their personal experiences as artists, technicians, enthusiasts and consumers it’s no wonder that our counterparts in the Land of The Rising Sun continue to receive envelope pushing products that we abroad may only comprehend as fantastical. As head of retaW, Hiroshi Fujiwara (of Nike HTM fame) has been championing olfactory pleasures for a minute now, producing all sorts of perfume wizardry. Fujiwara’s latest foray into fragrances is more directed, with a focus on his fellow sneakerheads. Dubbed "Fragrance Fabric Liquid", the new line of shoe cologne is geared to keeping your footwear fresh in every sense of the word. Available in 5 varieties, what is prima facie an absurdly niche product actually makes total fucking sense. How many times have you admired a friend’s sneakers, only to be hit in the face by overpowering foot odors? I mean, technically you could buy dusting powder to get rid of subsequent Flyknit stank face, but that’d be solving only half the problem. HTM Febreze solves everything.