Are you guys tired of fishtail parkas yet? Probably not because fishtail parkas are the fucking tuna of parkas. What does that mean? It means that despite the over fishing and, therefore, over-abundance of tuna on sushi menus, almost all of us will order a spicy tuna roll way before we cop the eel or some other fish. It's the same with fishtails. Given a choice between two parkas, I’d probably go fishtail 90% of the time. This is a really expensive recycled fishtail parka from a really expensive Japanese brand, which means in all likelihood you will not own it. You can try and drop hints to your girl, but she is far too sensible to buy something like this. Whatever happens, don’t let her try and make a Frankenfishtail on her own. It will suck compared to the Needles version, but you’ll have to wear it because if you don’t wear something your girl made for you, you are a grade A fucking jerkstore.