I don’t think I know anyone that owns any Wtaps gear in real life. The only people I know who really rock Wtaps and cool leather jackets and beanies and T-shirts with really weird sayings on them exist within Tumblr. Yeah, people who wear head to toe expensive Japanese streetwear brands are like Tron—they only exist within the construct of the Internet. These same people are often way too into Popeye’s, Shiba Inus and Brand New. I know we’ve all heard of Brand New, but we never listen to them together because we all have so many feelings we need to deal with on our own. But think about it, have you ever once seen a super hot girl with a Neighborhood beanie on enjoying some Popeye’s outside of your Tumblr dash? Or an actual Shiba Inu? Do those dogs even really exist? Buy this Wtaps leather jacket and maybe you can live inside the Internet with all programmed gods.