Oh holy hell. Peggy Noland, the concept designer who fucked the world up by giving Miley Cyrus her Air Jordans and Rihanna custom rompers for her tour has now designed these dresses that depict naked Oprah. Some prints feature Skinny Oprah, others showcase Fat Oprah and all are catastrophically and unequivocally terrible dresses. Ok, before we get too ahead of ourselves, maybe there's an intelligent explanation for these, right? Let's give homegirl the benefit of the doubt. When asked why she decided to create these pieces, she answered, "For me, it originated as kind of the age old [red] carpet question: Who are you wearing? And this clearly is: You’re wearing Oprah instead of a designer." WAIT WHAT? But she doesn't stop there, because verbal diarrhea is a bitch. Noland goes on to say that she made Oprah naked on the dresses because "We feel very protective of our public figures. We don't want them to be exposed that way, but we feel like they're ours, too," but then serves up a mega cop out by saying, "We share a humorous underpinning to all our work. That's why there's naked Oprah with a KISS face. It can nod to how ridiculous the fashion industry is at times." So basically Peggy doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about and is just too scared to come out and say she's straight trolling, or what she calls "white trash meets high-class." She even calls her haircut "so meth addict" if you needed any more proof of what exactly we're dealing with here. Accountability is hard!