Brooklyn-based brand Cadet just released its spring/summer 2014 lookbook, giving us something to look forward to next season. The military-inspired collection incorporats elements from cadets' uniforms, but also what founders Raul Arevalo and Brad Schmidt thinks "cadets may have worn out of uniform." 

Could you imagine a cadet in a short sleeve button down and matching shorts in a poppy print?

Anyway, the line is a good mix of casual with work-appropriate clothes. In addition to a poppy print, button downs and shorts are available in jacquard, floral, and camo. Rounding the collection out nicely are cozy sweatshirts, blazers and matching trousers, tank tops, and a bomber jacket. The best part, though, is you won't have to enlist in the army to pull any of these off. 

Cadet's spring/summer 2014 collection is slated for a February release at both the Cadet Brooklyn shop and online