It's fun to imagine what it would be like to have billions of dollars and how one would spend it, but most people don't think of "art" on their immediate list of things to lavishly purchase. The latest Wealth-X billionaire study shows that the world's billionaires are most passionate about art, followed by aviation, real estate, travelling, and golf. While art may only be the third most popular luxury holding among billionaires, after yachts and planes, it's still owned by at least 5% of them (there are apparently 2,170 billionaires in the world who control $6.5 trillion of wealth). 

The average billionaire owns $14 million of art, and ArtMarketMonitor points out the nearly 3,700 more almost-billionaires who are likely to collect massive amounts of art that would change these statistics drastically. 

If you need more billionaire stats in your life, check out the billionaire census by Wealth-X. If you need a reason to dislike a billionaire like Bill Gates, read why he thinks donating to museums is a waste of money.

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[via ArtMarketMonitor]