What’s mine is yours, and what's the Internet’s is everyone’s, even when it comes to revered works of art by greats such as Rembrandt, Velazquez, and Toulouse-Lautrec. While this may be cause for concern sometimes, in this case it’s safe to say we are all better off because of it. Three Australian comedians working for the sketch comedy show Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting hit the classic art nail on the head with their pop-culture hammer. 

Allegedly, it began as an innocent, good-natured effort to educate themselves on culture, but took a violent, yet awesome, turn once their ability to appreciate fine art lost a struggle to their overwhelming creative urges to transform the hallowed into the hilarious. “[We] have trouble expressing ourselves so end up pulling Art’s hair because we can’t figure out something nice to say about it,” explains Doug Bayne. Bayne, along with Ben Baker and Trudy Cooper are responsible for the amazing animated video above. The process for creating a piece such as this is pretty simple: Wikipedia searches followed by simple animations and expressive sounds. The animations range from silly to clever to blasphemy to straight up sinister and all but destroy any notion of romance between kissing lovers in Renaissance art.  Finally, thanks to Byane, Baker and Cooper, fine art speaks to us in a language we all understand.

[via Co.Design]