It's official that art history has invaded the Internet, and once we started imagining artists on social media, there was no stopping the meme floodgates. Andy Warhol famously stated in 1968"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." And oh how right he was. Never before has fame been so easy than in the Instagram era, and were Andy alive today, his followers would be off the charts.

We imagined what Warhol's Instagram would look like, from his drunken escapades at Studio 54 to his days producing art at The Factory (aka The Silver Factory once he gave it a metallic paint job). His followers would include famous friends like Edie Sedgwick (@edie), Keith Haring (@kahring), Jean-Michel Basquiat (@samo), and his manager Frederick W. Hughes (@fhughes). He would spend days trolling the grocery store for pop art inspriation and night outs at Velvet Underground concerts. And of course he would use hashtags (#15minsoffame). This is What Andy Warhol's Instagram Would Look Like.

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