I own a lot of shoes made by the dudes at Clarks. And from the looks of these new Seam Treks (apparently, a new, uglier Desert Trek aka awesome), I’ll be adding another pair. Actually, two more pairs because I need a new pair of Wallabees. My last pair got a whole bunch of weird grease and shit on them when I went to some sort of party a few months ago. I’m at that age where every fucking party I got it is really just an excuse for your friends to show off some new recipe they saw Anthony Bourdain talk about on TV. So, while I was munching on some fucking flatbreads or whatever, I totally dropped  a bunch of olive oil probably some beer on my Wallows. It bothered me SO MUCH, but I had to act super nonchalant for a whole hour and  a half until I came up with a good enough excuse to bounce and go smoke weed and play video games. THAT’S THE ONLY WAY TO GET OVER RUINING YOUR SHOES.