It’s October and U.S. Alteration is ready to get weird and strange. The L.A.-based label is branching out to do something a little bit different from their usual mish-mash and military-inspired offerings. Before this latest drop, the brand instilled subtle details into their pieces, such as beaded drawstrings or patches of camo.

This season, the focus on details is put into overdrive. Some T-shirts are canvases for experimentation with gold and silver lamé materials, but these are much doper than the groovy shit your pops rocked in the '70s. Other tees are overloaded with a ton of graphics and finished off with a hot rod flame treatment. There's also a toasty looking sweater that's dripping in fire, in case the female models in the lookbook weren't already getting you hot and bothered. 

While this is definitely a different direction from the camo-heavy military gear that first grabbed our attention from this DIY label, we're also very into this season's offerings. A lot of the inspiration looks like it originates in the car culture and lowrider lifestyle that’s heavy in SoCal.  If you’re looking to purchase, keep an eye on the U.S. Alteration website this month.

[via U.S. Alteration]