Although it's 10 days away, we're really jumping the Halloween gun today by posting luxe skulls, black cat scarves, and now, an Undercover tote back with bones printed on it. Maybe we're just feeling that holiday influence, or maybe it's just that these products are awesome, but most likely it's a combination of both. Even though I haven't Trick-or-treated in years,  I'm still going to eat so much candy that day regardless because I am a grown ass man who can buy and eat his own emotions, thank you very much. Does anyone even know how kids in Manhattan Trick-or-treat? Even if their parents are some rich motherfuckers in the West Village who would outfit them with this tote $900 because "OMG Carol it matches Hudson's costume" (note: every little shit in the West Village is named Hudson), there aren't that many townhouses to choose from. Plus, those kids probably eat Magnolia cupcakes every week anyway and would ask every house they stop at if the candy were Gluten free. The don't even deserve Snickers and Kit-Kats as far as I'm concerned.