I love Oi Polloi because they keep their brand list nice and diverse. Fourth and Main is designed by an ex-Savile Row designer and features a collection of moleskin, tweed, and wool jackets and trousers. They even made a corduroy suit just for Oi Polloi. Your particular tastes at the moment may not be trending towards a dark olive corduroy suit, but they should be. Why? Because Thanksgiving is coming up and it’s not the time to stunt on your wack ass cousins with some epic tonal contrasting or whatever. What's that? They have good taste because they switched majors to graphic design? PUH-LEASE, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE COOL GRANDKID. YOU MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE *scary Under Armour linebacker voice*. On the really real, Thanksgiving is all about your grandma. And your grandma just wants to make sure you’re okay. And by "okay" we mean gainfully employed and wearing a sensible sportcoat, not on some forever alone fashionisto bullshit.