Perrier-Jouët, the official champagne partner of Design Miami/, has recently announced a collaboration with Dutch designer Simon Heijdens to be unveiled at the forum in December. Titled Phare No. 1–9, the "immersive experience" comes in the form of a lightwork that Heijdens was asked to create with inspiration from the champagne brand's history in the Art Nouveau genre.

Heijdens previous works including Lightweeds, Tree, and Shade pictured above are described as "transformative yet subtle, concerned with temporality and the human experience." With his study of Perrier-Jouët's history, Art Nouveau, and the technological and cultural forces behind the genre, the artist has created a piece that he and the company hope will garner similar praise: "Simon introduces a new medium of expression, which we believe makes an important and forward-thinking contribution to the design world. The installation space becomes a screen upon which Simon tells his story. Light and liquid create the narrative; it has to be experienced,” says Martell Mumm-Perrier-Jouët's style director Axelle de Buffevent.

The collaboration will be unveiled privately at Design Miami/ on December 3 and then to the public on December 4 through December 8. For more information about the forum, visit

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