You wanna learn some interesting things about men and women's shopping habits from people who used real, actual science? Then you've come to the wrong place. The people at Shopzilla basically did some bullshit surveys where they asked people who use their site to answer questions about how they cop jawnz. Look, I took a couple research classes in college, so you should believe me when I say this research is hot garbage. Surveys are the cheapest and most bullshitty way to accumulate results. Why? Because when's the last time you were super stoked on a survey and put real thought into your answers and weren't just like, "UGH GET OUT MY FUCKIN WAY SURVEY, SO I CAN GET BACK TO THIS PORN FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY"? Right. Exactly. Never. The point is that not only are Shopzilla's methods cheap, but they failed to provide demographic info for who uses their site, while also carelessly extrapolating their information into broad strokes about how men and women do shop. Just because a few men answer a question one way doesn't mean all men everywhere do those same things.

Even if you do consider this information valid, what exactly does it say? That women care more about clothes that men? That women are more fickle about their purchases? That women loves shoes? That old people care less about clothes than young people and that no one really spends $5000K+ on clothing per season? OH REALLY? MIND. BLOWN. NOT.

In reality, I guess I can't really fault Shopzilla for trying to gather info about the ways men and women shop, but I kind of can. By asking a sample group of 7000+ people obvious, silly questions, and then trying to force fit them into categories, they were setting themselves up for obvious and silly responses. People are nuanced and this information does little to explain habits beyond the stereotypical. How about asking people how attracted they are to clothing with cats on it? What about their feels on leather jogging pants? Are they sexually aroused by certain types of lighting fixtures in shopping malls? How influenced they are by Four Pins? That's the type of shit people want—no, NEED—to know.