We all have our own Wild Rabbits: those ever-elusive things we passionately pursue--no matter how far, no matter the cost. Our Wild Rabbits propel us onward, upward, and forward; they compel us to keep chasing that which means the most to us, though we know it will always remain just out of reach. This drive never settles, and ultimately takes us on a remarkable journey that is as important as the destination itself.

For two and a half centuries, Hennessy has been chasing its own Wild Rabbit: to bring its world class cognac ever closer to perfection. While the brand is steeped in tradition, it is never stagnant, but always moving forward.

To celebrate this perpetual pursuit of greatness, Hennessy has invited a select group of talented photographers to tell their own Wild Rabbit stories through their own unique lenses (literally and figuratively). This weekend, you can see a snapshot of our #WildRabbit chase --featuring the work of photographers from Complex, Highsnobiety, Juxtapoz, and Stupiddope--by visiting Hennessy's Instagram page at http://instagram.com/hennessyus.