Today marks the public opening of FIAC, the contemporary art fair in Paris that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Among many stunning pieces revealed to VIP and press yesterday, especially on the heels of Frieze in London, Galerie Perrotin brought two excellent pieces by KAWS to their booth (which they didn't do at Frieze).

We first saw KAWS' wooden Companion sculptures in Basel, Switzerland at More Gallery, so it's exciting to see one like Better Knowing in the context of a busy, popular fair. Next to it, the multi-piece painting NYT hangs, creating an interesting dialogue between KAWS' past, present, and future work, especially at a time when everyone is asking what he'll do next.

With a current exhibition at PAFA, a recent commission to design the VMAs, annd upcoming exhibitions at Galerie Perrotin's new New York location and Mary Boone gallery, KAWS is dominating 2013 til it's over. It's nice to see his work in conversation, especially on the home turf of his main gallery.

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