So you know that incredible E.G. fishtail parka with the zipper up the back everyone (read: Four Pins brain trust) made a cream jeans about when the lookbook dropped a few months back? Well, the sweagle (that's Swag Eagle for all you rookies out there) has landed. It's got just as many pockets and bullshit as we expected (maybe even more?), a corduroy collar and the now crucial gigantic zipper up the back. There's even pockets on the back, which are actually fucking brilliant when you think about it. You know what's annoying about wearing a long coat? Reaching into the back pocket of your pants for your wallet. That shit is simultaneously aggravating and, frankly, just not cool. Thanks, Daiki. By the way, you're, like, a really awesome dude. Wanna be friends? No? Okay.