The art world loves a rebellious outsider and Fergadelic is fucking prolific. A self-taught hand-poke tattooer, Fergus Purcell's punk meets science fiction illustrations have given personality to brands like Hysteric Glamour, Palace and Stussy. He also supports radical haircuts, heavy metal and not giving two shits about what people think.

Purcell's latest gig is as chief designer of the relaunched Life's A Beach. Originally formed in 1980s Florida, the label has a distinct two fingers up attitude to decorum and a delightful color palate. Given that all your bros have just caught up to what Lev and the team are doing with Palace, Life's A Beach also functions as a swift left turn away from tri-bar trends and seasonally appropriate with Art Basel Miami just a month away.

You'll want to dress right, so pick up some shit that allows you to impress art world nerds and deflect anger when you're caught peeking at bikini-clad babes on the beach. Plus, long sleeve T-shirts are now wardrobe essentials and you need at least one strange example.