AXS Folk Technology is able to take the ethos of guys who were climbing mountains and cliffs on the West Coast in the '70s, '80s, and '90s and turn it into an incredibly sick, futuristic interpretation of menswear. The brand's fall/winter 2013 lookbook takes a casual approach to getting wavy in the woods and shows that you don't need to have your eye to the city streets to soak in inspiration for your stylish endeavors this season.

What makes AXS so dope is that the brand will teleport you to Yosemite National Park or somewhere in the Rockies, but won't make you look like Grizzly Adams or an Americana nerd. You'll be the laid-back guy in droopy parka jackets and button-up shirts with detailing on the chest pocket. If you need to go hiking, the clothes will function. But you can still look like that dude at a rooftop party who looks like he's on that next-level shit that no one else has figured out yet.

To find out more about AXS Folk Technology, vist the brand's website, or visit Union Los Angeles, The Garbstore, and Need Supply to purchase online.