Earlier today, WWD reported that the incomparable and always lovable Nick Wooster recently bought a substantial stake in Atrium NYC. Currently, Atrium has two NYC locations and is known for it's very serious, sometimes over-serious take on the whole capital "F" Fashion thing. Atrium is basically where you go to meet the experts on all that is black, avant garde and related to weird ass techno music.

While a couple of years ago this move would have seemed insane given Nick's dedication to fine suiting and rigid tailoring, his departure from retailer giant JCPenney seems only to have broadened his personal style to include darker and more fashion-forward offerings, especially those of Rick Owens. It's safe to say that this shift in stylistic interests is somewhat related to his relationship with Atrium founder Sam Ben-Avraham. The bottom line is that Nick Wooster is now more than ever fully submerged in the world of men's fashion in a big way. Personally, we're extremely excited for his return to the high-end side of the market, especially within a relatively small scale operation such as Atrium's. His talents for trend forecasting and generally being one of the coolest motherfuckers ever will certainly be allowed to really shine once again now that he's in the driver's seat.

In the coming weeks, Atrium's NYC stores will be renamed Atrium Wooster and Nick will begin his work with not only the store, but presumably the Liberty Fairs trade show, also run by Ben-Avraham. As they tell it, it will be Nick's job to essentially be the man on the ground, sourcing new brands and leveraging his own name to bring Atrium the type of quality product he feels might be lacking. We can't wait to see what Nick is capable of now that he has to answer to no one. Frankly, we're surprised it took this long to happen.

Photo courtesy of GQ