Scandinavian brands—Danish ones in particular—specialize in taking progressive and stripped down menswear and turning it into something street. It's not the usual streetwear suspects of graphic T-shirts and fitted hats, but instead chunky sweaters, slim suits, down vests, and leather jackets. Denmark's Wood Wood is a brand that streetwear heads have known for over 10 years for the garments it brings to a cold and dreary region. The label excels at being a subtle yet attention-grabbing brands that's way beyond the days of its awesome Nike collaboration.

For fall/winter 2013, Wood Wood ran a collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week to give its local fans a first-hand experience a season of paneled suits, printed sweaters, and colorless, printed shirts that are layered underneath T-shirts and paired signature WW beanies. If you mimic Wood Wood, the brand's methods of focusing on the slightest details is will what will make you stand out. You won't feel #menswear, but you'll outshine the competition, even through you're dressed in black and white.

Watch the video above, and see what you've been missing out on—or need to pay more attention to.

[via End Clothing]