Gavin Sheppard, co-founder of the youth-led urban arts organization The Remix Project, has launched a web series entitled "Welcome to Rawluck." The web series, like the organization, is based in Toronto and features work from Toronto-based artists and photographers. 

"Welcome to Rawluck" explores a dystopian Toronto of the future (the year 2020 to be exact) and is broken into episodes with new installments released monthly starting October 15. Each episode is unique and takes a different approach to building the narrative. Here is a breakdown of the first four episodes that you are about to experience:

  • Episode One features photographs by Buruk Early that set the tone for the web-series and introduce the viewers to "a world apart...divided by resources...a desperate place."
  • Episode Two is a video directed by Brian Gregory that focuses on a Toronto resident named Chin. The slice of life episode personalizes the story and gives you a taste of what it's like in the troubled Toronto future.
  • Episode Three is another video, this time in the form of slow-motion photography. The episode was shot and directed by Kadeem Ellis and follows Chin's friend James and his "struggle with identity and fitting in."
  • The last of the initial episodes comes in the form of a graphic novel, illustrated by Pavel Ioudine. The graphic novel continues the narrative directly after Episode 3 and centers around an intense armed robbery.

For more of "Welcome to Rawluck," check out and stay up on the future episodes.