3sixteen is fucking killing it with their Decade Collection. I know you’ve been hearing a lot about it from me, but screw you guys. I’m sure people in your life are constantly hearing about how you met Josh Peskowitz that one time and he actually pretended to have seen your Tumblr. So we’re even, motherfuckers. Anywho, these Converse are really nice. And I should know because I was hands on with them a few weeks ago. Being "hands on" with shit is how you become an influencer. You don’t have to actually buy anything, just touch it in the store. These particular Converse were hand-dyed with indigo by 3sixteen and the Chuck Taylor global design team in Boston. The mottled dye on the sole and toe cap reminds me of when it was cool in Elementary school to draw on your Cons. Did you guys do that too? I remember this kid always used a Sharpie to color in every little bit of white. I switched schools after sixth grade and never saw that kid again, but I like to think he's still doing that. 3sixteen x Converse drops September 28th.