The M-65 suffers no fools: it’s masculine, versatile, worthy of all complimentary adjectives you can think up when trying to describe it. Brands could be forgiven then for merely varying the basic design with small details and different fabrics. After all, trying too hard to reinvent something is (according to internet cool guy wisdom) unacceptable. And when it comes to military inspired garments—the trench, the peacoat, blahblahblah—chances of resistance from old heads are strong. But none of this shit stopped Phillip Lim from having a go at creating what is essentially the Harvey "Two Face" Dent of M-65's. On one side you have a conventional, if handsome, military jacket, complete with comforting green visage and two way zips. But turn around and BLAMO MOTHEFUCKER you got some crazy ass knit paneling for days. Really, it’s the perfect jacket for the type with suspicious wealth and a murderous split personality.