Stone Island is no stranger to forward-thinking technical gear that’s always a step ahead of everyone else. When it comes to innovation, the label is not afraid to push the boundaries and produce something that’s out-of-this-world. Prepare to get your mind blown once again as the brand introduces a new Mesh Reflective jacket.

Here’s a breakdown of the science: The fabric is coated with refractive material that has “1000s of glass microspheres”—which doubles as a wind and water safeguard, layered with a nylon-proof mesh, and down insulated to keep your thermals regulated. The result is a jacket that shines even when the sun goes down. It sounds pretty nerdy, but SI knows how to piece tech fabrics together without making it look like an 8th grade science project. Check out the very science-y video the brand put together below. Hit up the Stone Island website to purchase and get your shine on.