How in the world am I going to justify $300 dollar PF Flyer knock-offs to you? Maybe I'll talk about the vulcanized rubber sole and cap toe, but don't regular ass PF Flyers have those already? Son of a fucking bitch. Maybe I can convince you by noting the beautiful worn in aesthetic of these, like, as if you were actually Benny The Jet from The Sandlot as a kid and now you're wearing these as an homage to your glorious past. But then I'm not sure why you wouldn't just have a pair of beat up PF Flyers to wear in that case. Shit dudes, these menswear brands are making it real hard out here to rationalize overpriced products. You used to be able to hang your hat on shit like "triple stitching" or "durable, top quality canvas". Give me something to work with here, Neighborhood. RIP vague descriptors of quality.