The Rig Out crew is cooler than you. For starters, they’re British and while British people can be super corny, they have those amazing accents that give them, like, a plus ten modifier on their cool points. Then there’s the whole soccer hooligan thing and calling sneakers "trainers" and complaining about "shit weather" and being dour and self-deprecating. I’m just saying, if you’re in competition with an English dude who wears cool clothing and is a photographer or a creative director or something, you will lose whatever that competition happens to be, even if that competition is life. Issue 7 of The Rig Out—their self-proclaimed "worst one yet"—features that one guy that is in a lot of Supreme lookbooks and editorials, Palace gear, Antony Crook, an interview with Kenny Kusano and WP Lavori, and an editorial by Neil Bedford ALL FOR £FREE.99. Unless you don’t live in England, then you’ll have to buy it from a stockist. BRITAIN WINS AGAIN.