Fat ass shouts to Monitaly for consistently making items I want to procure for myself, including these wool five panel camp caps. Take it from someone who lacks functioning hair follicles, wool caps are course prerequisites for trudging through your city in the winter, catching wild feels to the new Drake album. Has NWTS made you guys' lives a little more awkward like it has mine? Like, when you’re perusing eBay listings for Daiki era WWM and the listing says "nwts" and instead of being like “Nice, new with tags,” you think, “I gotta avoid listening to ‘Too much’ too much because it makes me cry.” And what about "Come Thru"? Whenever I page (I mean, text, duh, but paging is always going to sound cooler) my drug dealer he always responds with "Come thru" if he’s holding. It makes me feel weird after listening to that song eleventy billion times. But I still roll thru because drugs.