Melvin Van Peebles once played a character named Sweet Sweetback and his nonchalant approach to menswear made him one of the most stylish men of the 1970s. Over 40 years later, and Van Peebles hasn't changed one bit. He's still as cool as his on-screen days, but this time, he's want to make a bigger impact on the style world than just inspiring dudes to have a bounce to their strut. Van Peebles wants to start a clothing line, he told The New York Times

The line, which he'd hope to offer sneakers and sportswear, is a result from the 81-year-old actor's five-time-a-week running habit. And clothing designer would be a footnote in his career that also includes actor, filmmaker, composer, actor, novelist, Wall Street trader, San Francisco cable car driver, playwright, bandleader, and vocalist—to name a few.

We don't expect Van Peebles to produce a line of old man, orthopedic running sneakers, either. In his advanced age, Van Peebles is still as dapper as when he was accruing ladies left and right as a blaxploitation star. There's no guarantee that this line will come out, but if it does, you might get noticed closer by the ladies. Van peebles kind of has that effect on anything he does.

[via NY Times]