JR has been a busy guy over the past couple years, going around the world with his "Inside Out" project and creating murals for various other projects. For the first time in five years, JR will be returning to London for a two-part solo exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone entitled "ACTIONS." 

The exhibition will display some of the works created during his absence, including pieces from "Wrinkles of the City" and "Portrait of a Generation." JR will also be bringing "Inside Out" to London, taking over various sites (to be announced) and giving the people of the city the exciting opportunity to have their portraits taken in the photobooth truck and plastered on the walls of London. "ACTIONS" opens October 11 and runs through November 14. For more information about the exhibition and the locations outside of Lazarides, check out the exhibition page and JR's website.

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[via Lazarides]