The next logical step up from 3D printers has been realized: AIO Robotics has created a prototype for the first 3D printer/scanner/copier/fax machine ever and have already reached their goal on Kickstarter with 27 days to go. 

After five years of designing and testing, the Zeus All-in-One 3D printer is fully functional and provides a simple user interface that the least tech-savvy among us can understand. A 360 degree turntable and swiping laser produces more than 800 scans per side, resulting in a more accurate copy. The 3D faxing function is probably the most exciting, allowing users to send information to another machine for printing, the closest thing we have to teleportation. AIO predicts that the machines will ship out in the summer of 2014. Check out the Kickstarter video below and feel free to give them even more money here.

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[via DesignBoom]