A new solo exhibition by George Herms, called “EMERGIO,” opened yesterday at Oh Wow gallery in Los Angeles. The show is comprised of 10 blown-up selections of Herms' typically small collages on paper but expanded into large scale. These enlarged, detailed sections are then affixed to wood panels. His source material, cut-up pages from old women’s fashion magazines, collides in these motley assemblages that transfix and disorient. 

Three new sculptures also appear in the show. Herms, who has been a renowned artist since the 1940s, is known best for these constructions. They exist in the same realm as Robert Rauschenberg’s combines—both are found-object sculptures.  

This is the artist's statement on the show:

Roots in abstract expressionism

the sculptor with scissors and glue

works with found images.

Enlarge and dance, with mirror and smoke

the jazz rhythms of a Bach fugue

begin to appear.


- George Herms, June 3, 2013

"EMERGIO" is on display until October 26.

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[via Oh Wow Gallery]