Why am I writing about this ts(s) poncho? Because I’m down with ponchos. FUCK THEM OTHER JACKETS 'CAUSE I'M DOWN WITH MY PONCHOS! And not in the sense of “I get the idea of ponchos,” but in the sense that I’d wear a poncho. Out. In public. If you feel bad for me and all the strange stares I’d get wearing a poncho in Detroit, think about my poor girlfriend. But don’t feel too bad for her. I mean, on a lot of levels this poncho’s silhouette isn’t that far off from the boxy, short sleeved sweatshirt look that got super popular in the last 4 months. Just feel bad for her for other reasons. Like, the fact that I’d spend $843 on a piece of clothing instead of, you know, one of those staycations where you get a nice hotel room for a few days in your hometown. GIRLS LOVE THAT KIND OF SHIT.