Yo, you have got to get yourself some deerskin gloves this winter. FUCK THAT REGULAR ASS LEATHER NOISE. Your gloves are made out of the hide of some bullshit cow? COME ON NOW. Also, yellow gloves are obviously the jam. For all you contrarians out there thinking something like, “Yellow gloves? That’s kind of a limiting color for an accessory I will probably need to carry with me for the entire winter and it's never worked for me in the past,” first off, I know for a fact you don’t own any yellow items of clothing at all because I’ve seen a sales rack at literally every store in the entire universe. Secondly, I know for a fact that you don’t think through your purchases that much. You just buy, regret and try to flip gear with the “worn only twice, decided they just didn’t fit into my style” item description every single time. Head over to Norse Store and pay them 94 Euros for these gloves or only 75 if you’re outside the EU. SUCK IT, EUROPE.