Not every stylish person is wearing clothes that "belong" to them. Yes, there are plenty of celebrities who are loaned clothes for photo shoots or public appearances, but there's also a deeper underbelly lurking that a lot of people, menswear bloggers included, don't like to admit: They buy clothes, wear them, and then return them. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as "wardrobing."

It's a trick as old as retail. People go to stores, pick out garments that they plan on wearing to an event, party, or just to take a pic of themselves in so they can post it on social media, and then go back to the retailer and return the clothes. Store employees have dealt with trying to curb this $8.8B a year practice, but now they have their company's support, and it's starting with Bloomingdales.

The higher-end retailer is now placing strategic tags on the outside of its clothes that any wearer will want to get rid of before rocking out on the town. Once the tags are removed, the item can no longer be returned, Business of Fashion is reporting. This is a challenge to those who partake in the practice to either step up and buy the clothes they want (and keep them), or figure out ways to wear them without the tags being seen. Or just find another place to shop besides Bloomingdales.

Either way, a lot of people are about to get exposed for their cop, rock, and re-stock lifestyle.

[via Business of Fashion]