Timberland, in celebration of their 40th Anniversary, has come up with updated versions of three of their boots. Featuring the classic 6” Timb, the World Hiker, and the Super Boot, the collection is fucking nice. Obviously my favorite is the 6” Timb which has been upgraded like Robocop was with a Gore-tex membrane, Prima Loft insulation, and a Vibram sole. Rather just a boring ass press release, Timberland enlisted the very talented dudes over at The Rig Out for a video, a magazine, and an online magazine. Where did they go? Who did they shoot? CALM DOWN I’M GETTING THERE. They filmed Noah Kalina and Mordechai Rubenstein ditching NYC and heading to Beaverbrook. No, Beaverbrook is not a euphemism for a strip club or an all-girls liberal arts college upstate. It’s a town where a bunch of hippies built a bunch of cabins and shit. You’ve probably heard of their collective- CabinPorn.com. Again, no naked ladies involved. But if you have a sick pair of 6 inch Timbs, the naked lady part kind of takes care of itself, you know? The boots start dropping later this month.