2013 has been a year for growth. #Menswear has continued to refine itself, blurring the (already ill-defined) boundaries between the conceptual, the street and the traditional. Three years ago, we swore we’d live and die in the same pair of hardbottoms, many of us inadvertently experiencing our first, true love affair with the unconstructed sportcoat and spalla camicia. Famous last words much?

Fast forward to today and the North American menswear scene is a blur of running sneakers, Jon Moy shout-of-approval technical wear and visvim shrines. Influencers will stand atop their indigo stained mountain and tell you that the game has changed forever. They’ll reason that the culture is responding to their increased sophistication as consumers who are no longer satisfied with mastering a culturally narrow spectrum of traditional men’s clothing. Real talk though, that’s just North America.

In nearly every other part of the world men are committing unforeseen levels of tomfoolery, fueled by a fundamental misunderstanding of the basic tenets of men’s clothing. Sandals, deep v's and decidedly unfunny novelty tees rule everything around me and I’m supposed to live in one of the 3 most cosmopolitan cities in Australia, which, by the way, is an entire fucking continent. I guess it's good news then that the small number of menswear purveyors down under getting shit done can add another player to the starting lineup in the form of Suit Shop Australia.

The brainchild of former Macquarie Bank analyst Rob Blythe and MTM wunderkind Patrick Johnson, Suit Shop is best described in a pinch as P. Johnson’s younger brother. Perfect for the younger guy who wants to stunt hard without living in struggle squalor as a result of said stunting, Suit Shop is far and away the most exciting development in Australian menswear this year. While the comparison to P. Johnson sets a ridiculously high bar, prospective customers can rest assured that this is not some hype-fueled, imitative cash grab. With a host of P. Johnson trained specialists at their disposal and fabrics from Loro Piana, Zegna and Dugdale, Suit Shop aims to be the most competitive and flexible option for guys looking to make their first tailored commitment.

The red flags commonly associated with traveling tailors are also absent thanks to the brand's commitment to a modern take on classical made-to-measure specialists. Rob and Patrick don’t believe in short cuts and to affirm this position customers will not have to endure the disastrous confusion of self-measurement. Throw in the fact that their base models start at $700 and you have an incredibly solid foundation for your first foray into the traditional menswear you may have been to quick to forget.