Hockey sweaters—with their body-checking and wrist shot-taking awesomeness—have become the latest inspiration for high fashion. Brands such as Casely-Hayford have reiterated the uniforms, that are known for being worn by beer-guzzling fans and popping-up in '90s rap videos, into the must-have item for stylish dudes. But with all the fashionable options, we often overlook the jerseys that are actually worn on the ice.

U.S. Hockey has released the first images of its 2014 Winter Olympics uniforms, and they pay homage to the sweaters of the past, as they include faux-lace-up neck. But there's also something for the fashion-set: such as subtle features, like monochrome stars on the shoulders, that fans of Givenchy will go crazy for.

This time at the Olympics, hopefully, the U.S. can get its revenge on its neighbors to the north, Canada, and can capture Olympic gold for the first time since the "Miracle on Ice" in 1980. If so, their style will be top-notch, too.

[via USA Hockey]