"What I really love about Hiroki [Nakamura, designer of Visvim], when I actually got to meet him, the man just said, 'I just want to create things that have love and happiness in every piece.' [Laughs] And you know, if you were to say that here, people would just be like 'Yo, what are you talking about?' But to hear someone genuinely and actually care about making something that comes from a place of love and happiness, I just thought, 'Wow this guy, a lot more people need to be like this guy.'

"The amount of ideas and processes and treatments he puts into everything is remarkable. The fact that he would squash a beetle to get a dye out of that to dye a sweater is really next level. I've only been wearing Visvim for about the last two years, not that long. I only got into it quite recently, but it's just one of those things when you really really like it, you let it completely take over your closet. If you can.

"Thankfully, I go to Japan a lot so I can shop for it there. I think the best places to shop in Japan are the re-sale shops. I find that people tend to go through their new clothes all the time, so after they drop their stuff off you can find things for a much better deal. Who wouldn't want a raw denim robe for 25% of the original price? [Laughs] You might see that piece in September. I kinda feel like a Jedi wearing it. I look really stupid in it. When I had it on I was like, 'I look ridiculous in this thing, but I have to get it.' You know, one of those."