Style is a fickle beast. What's considered cool today might be kindling for for a large-scale bonfire in the streets three weeks from now. Or, something that is universally despised will somehow keep being copped and worn frequently (fuck you, square-toed shoes!). Keeping your judgment unclouded while staying atop what's now and what's next at lightning-fast speeds isn't the easiest of tasks, and that's been the goal of Complex Magazine since 2002. However, when shit comes and goes so quickly, we aren't afraid to admit that we done goofed in the last decade or so. 

Ask any dude who cares about how he looks and he's sure to feel shame or confusion as to why he dressed a certain way in the past. We dug into our archives and scanned pages from our magazine to admit that, yes, we too had our off-days. Whether it was how we styled a celebrity, highlighted a certain aesthetic in a style editorial, or featured a specific type of product in a market round-up, these are 50 Style Trends Complex Magazine Regrets Co-Signing. Let this be a reminder that, in order to develop a dope personal sense of style, you definitely need inspiration and advice from various sources, and we work to build and maintain that trust. However, the ultimate authority on what you endorse is yourself.

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