Stussy and Yo! MTV Raps both ruled the early '90s. Whether it was through bright streetwear that was ready to change the game or putting together the dopest hip-hop TV show anyone could have imagined, Stussy and Yo! MTV Raps both have an equal place in '90s nostalgia. 

The other day, Stussy leaked an image that alluded to an upcoming collaboration betwen itself and the TV show—and it drops on August 9. This is great news for hip-hop and streetwear fans, but there's no solid evidence of what the collection contains. Which is awesome, because in today's streetwear world, there are often multiple previews months before a collection's launch. This collaboration on the other hand, came out of nowhere, and will leave everyone waiting until the release.

Let's hope that images surface before the looming release date of next Friday. Stay posted for further details.

[via Stussy]