It's a little strange that today's the day when the Internet discovers that Jean-Michel Basquiat's former Soho loft is available to rent on AirBnB by its new owner, because August 12 is the anniversary of his unfortunate death. The two-bedroom, fourth-floor walkup is advertised as a "stunning loft in Soho on Crosby street (THE HIP street in Soho right now)" and runs for $650/night (although we imagine the price will go up now that people know who used to live there).

The owner also stipulates that "You MUST be very peaceful people. This is NOT a 'party loft' situation," which weeds out a lot of the people who might want to stay there and relive the days when artists raged in and ran downtown.

ARTINFO points out that this is the loft he lived in during the early '80s, but that he ended up moving to a place on Great Jones Street, where he later died in 1988.

Fun fact: in a recent Rolling Stone oral history on Madonna's debut album, producer Reggie Lucas said,

She borrowed Jean-Michel Basquiat's apartment while he was in Paris, and so I spent a good hour and a half during the record meeting with her at Basquiat's place. He had his art up there, nobody knew who he was. 

So not only would you be renting Basquiat's old flat, you'd be renting the place where Madonna had meetings and lived part-time. $650 a night suddenly sounds cheap, no?

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