Yesterday, the US Open got into full-swing, and while everyone is wondering and watching to see who will claim the title, style fans were treated to limited-edition jackets via Nike.

The Swoosh made-up a collection of jackets for the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal that appear to be regular, all-black or charcoal garments, but they reveal a blinding flash. But don't think these jackets are just made to look cool, they feature Nike's Vapor Flash Fabric that allows them to have 360-visibility in low-light situations.

Still, the jackets, with all their technical innovations, have our attention because of their tailored look. Who doesn't want sportswear that they can also dress up? Unfortunately, you'll have to be in NYC to get your hands on these jackets: They're only available at the US Open, Niketown New York, 21 Mercer, and Masons Tennis. But if you're in the area, they're worth trying to get your hands on—you'll definitely shine on all of your friends.