As the thermometer heats up, the amount of clothing one plans to wear diminishes. It's an inverse relationship as old as time itself. Several notable men's designers have even weighed in on how they struggle to survive in the swealtering heat of the summer months, suggesting that less apparel is smarter in the summer.

However, as men have shed their shirts to counter recent heatwaves, the New York Times describes this "lack of decorum" as something that belongs either in the heat of Malibu, or not at all. Citing style lord and influencer Orlando Bloom as a chief offender, the report lists the flaws in his outfit (or lack thereof), which included baggy cargo shorts and "shower shoes." 

The report continues to mark the spread of this #nextlevel trend across New York, from Fifth Avenue to Broadway, "where male frontal nudity is now so commonplace it evokes fewer cries of outrage than yawns."

Is this the new trend for men as the weather heats up? We don't know. You should probably avoid it if you don't have abs though. No one wants to see flabby dudes flopping around the sidewalk. Then again, it's probably more comfortable than seeing all the overdressed dudes refusing to take off their jackets when it's 90 degrees.

[via The New York Times]