At their new "Ghosts, Underpants, and Stars" exhibit, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo encourages children to run around, take photos, and touch everything in sight. The interactive exhibition contains a backroom where children can put themselves into the art displays and alter them from behind. The concept is similar to that of children's museums around the world, only the art pieces are replicas of paintings that are usually not considered "for kids" (the Mona Lisa and the Girl with the Pearl Earring, for example).

In addition to the haunted house, the exhibition features a "Tranformation Center" where children can use fabrics to make costumes that reflect the themes of the exhibit, and three sections inspired by the title and organized by Chikara MatsumotoSakurako Hamaguchi, and De-Ta-Ra-Me Constellation Society. If you're in Japan, the exhibition is open now until September 8. Click here for admission details.

[via FastCoCreate]